Personalized mothers day jewelry- colorful tassel necklace earring set

Summary: Chinese-featured tassel necklace earring set, one thing you know they are beautiful, full of exotic elegance, but one thing you don’t know is they are easy to do and probable to be personalized jewelry for moms.

Give a try to these personalized jewelry for moms; recently we have been working hard on these mothers day jewelry gifts, trying a lot of good ideas, with this tassel necklace earring set included. The fact is that the design of this set is pretty nice to follow.

Materials and tools:

1mm yellow nylon thread

1mm pink nylon thread

1mm navy nylon thread

1mm bright green nylon thread

1mm dark chocolate nylon thread

Alloy handmade chains

Earring hooks

Lobster claw

Jump rings

Ribbon tips

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier



Step 1: prepare tassel pendants

1st, snip about 1m length of nylon thread for each color;

2nd, pick one and fold it in half 4 times and cut apart the folds;

3rd, wrap a loop at center, pick another piece of thread to do a wrapped knot below;

4th, crimp a ribbon tip at the loop end;

5th, cut off excess threads.

6th, repeat to make the rest tassel pendants.

Step 2: finish colorful tassel necklace

1st, slide tassel pendant to jump ring and attach jump ring to center link of the chain;

2nd, attach rest 4 with a gap of 2 links in between;

3rd, add lobster claw to chain’s ends.

Step 3: finish tassel earrings

1st, prepare tassel dangles as you did step 1, and attach a single link to each earring hook;

2nd, attach tassel dangles to both earring hooks.

The final look of necklace earring set is like this:

Tada, the personalized jewelry for moms are done. The result turns out pretty attractive and full of traditional colors of an oriental country; we guess your mom can hardly resist the stunning pattern of this tassel necklace earring set.

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