Mothers day jewelry ideas- bugle beaded diamond necklace

Summary: With black bugle beads and silver toned chains to construct a fun diamond necklace, which is one of special mothers day jewelry ideas.

We are proud of all the mothers day jewelry ideas included in this board, as they are marvelous results of our thinking and hardworking; in this tutorial, beaded diamond necklace is prized as much for its unique crafting way and attractive designing.

Materials and tools:

21mm opaque black bugle bead

Silver toned chain

Jump rings

Eye pins

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cuter


Step 1: prepare bugle bead links

1st, pick 14 black bugle beads;

2nd, thread one onto an eye pin and make a simple link;

3rd, repeat to finish the rest.

Step 2: make a diamond pendant

1st, combine 6 links together with one jump ring, shaping a hexagon pattern with other links;

2nd, connect 2 links together to shape a triangle below;

3rd, assemble them together to finish the diamond pendant.

Step 3: attach chain to pendant

Cut a piece of chain and attach two ends to top jump rings of pendant.

So the final look is like this:

So far the tutorial of bugle beaded diamond necklace is done here; w believe the combination of bugle beads’ black and iron chain’s silver can be conducive to such kind of mothers day jewelry ideas, as which can best display your mom and her charming

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