Mother's Day Handmade Gifts- DIY Ribbon bracelet for Mom

Summary: With a few of dainty shell beads and ribbons, you can make out a very cute Mother's Day ribbon bracelet for the upcoming Day. Here we use a simple diy washer bracelet way.

Shell beads are comparably feminine and lovely than real washers from hardware; therefore, they are much proper to be sued in this mothers day charm bracelet project. From a certain angle, diy washer bracelet is viewed much appropriate for youths and males who have more verves and energies.

Materials and tools:

6mm light yellow organza ribbon

6mm light green organza ribbon

6mm light aqua organza ribbon

Black shell beads



Step 1: braid shells into triple ribbons

1st, snip a 36cm length of ribbon for each color and singe the ends with lighter;

2nd, slide two shells onto ribbons;

3rd, back one end of ribbons through the first shell you just slid;

4th, tighten ribbon to secure the beads;

5th, back the ribbon end through the second shell you slid;

6th, tighten ribbons again.

Step 2: finish braiding and complete the bracelet

1st, continue to add bead and repeat above step;

2nd, braid 5 or your desired amount of shell beads into ribbons;

3rd, adjust the tails at each end.

Tie a pretty bow knot at backside, so the final look is like this:

Mothers day charm bracelet is done here! Diy washer bracelet in this sweet pattern just requires a simple weaving skill: a zigzag weave. Make multi-colored stack for mom and grandma to celebrate that beautiful day.

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