Mother's Day Handmade Gifts- Stone Pendant Necklace Patterns for Mom

Summary: Distinctive necklace patterns might be great choices for upcoming mother s day handmade gifts! And this netted stone one is what we carefully select for you.

Netted braiding holds a pretty flat stone, we believe, this necklace pattern will be most of moms’ favorite. Additionally, the colorful tassel and even 4-strand-braiding are great embellishments for this sort of glamorous mother s day handmade gifts.

Materials and tools:

1mm pink nylon thread

1mm yellow nylon thread

1mm black nylon thread

Flat stone




Step 1: weave net to hold stone

1st, snip black thread 4 pieces, pink 2 pieces, yellow 2 pieces, each measuring about 1m;

2nd, hold them together, leave about 10cm tassel and make an overhand knot below;

3rd, group threads into 4 pairs, knot each pair symmetrically and exchange thread with adjoining one to make new pairs and knot next row;

4th, insert stone in and continue netting;

5th, when the stone is totally caged, make an overhand knot below.

Step 2: complete one end of necklace

1st, categorize rest threads into 2 group, each including 2 black threads, 1 pink and 1 yellow;

2nd, do 4-strand-braiding with upper group;

3rd, when reaching end, make a simple knot first, and then wrap a loop with left 2 strands and use right 2 strands to make several square knots to secure the loop.

Step 3: complete the other end

1st, do 4-strand-braiding with lower group;

2nd, when reaching end, make double overhand knots.

The finalized look is like this:

Tada, the tutorial of mother s day handmade gifts is finished here. You must have kept your eyes peeled for unique necklace patterns for mothers day gifts for a long while; considering this potential need, we select this tutorial for your convenient reference. 

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