Make Acrylic Jewelry Earrings as Your Special Mothers Day Jewelry Gifts

Summary: This post is about a mothers day jewelry gifts idea, in other words it is also a tutorial about how to make acrylic jewelry. The pair of earrings is lightweight, stunning and eye-catching!

This pair of earrings is a combination of elegance and personality. In my mothers day jewelry gifts, I make use of sparkling transparent acrylic beads and glamorous imitation acrylic pearl beads. Both materials are lightweight yet produce an incredible pattern. The following are just the details about how to make acrylic jewelry earrings.

Materials required for make acrylic jewelry earrings:

Large Transparent Acrylic Bead

12mm Acrylic Pearl Bead

4mm Acrylic Pearl Bead

Brass Earring Hook

0.3mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Methods to make the mothers day jewelry gifts:

Step1: design the focal pendant

1. Take a long strand of brass wire and pass through the hole on large transparent acrylic bead;

2. Slide 7 or 8 pieces of 4mm pearl beads on either tip;

3. Aptly wrap the beads around the other wire portion that close to the bead top. Secure the ending and then remove the excess tail;

4. Thread the 12mm pearl bead onto the remaining end tip and form a loop at the top. Secure with certain amount of wire coils;

5. Trim off leftover wire tail and flatten the sharp tip with flat nose plier.

Step2: attach on the earring hook

Open the earring hook and hook on the prepared pendant, ensure the front side outwards.

Step3: complete an entire pair

Do repeat the steps on above and you may get a complete pair at once.  

The group of two distinctive types of acrylic beads rightly creates a snugly vibrant mix of contrasting colors and different cut techniques. When relate to the mothers day jewelry gifts, make acrylic jewelry in such type maybe the most economic and affordable choice.


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