DIY Bow Rings for Mother's Day out of Seed Beads and Glass Beads

Summary: Looking for a piece of prominent jewelry ornaments, like necklaces, bracelets or rings for mothers day? The diy bow rings consist of tiny seed beads, shimmering cat eye beads and bicone glass beads are perfection!


Sometimes it is actually difficult to come up with a gift that shows your mom how much she means to you. The best of choice is make one at home entirely by your hands. They can be simple or elaborate, economical or luxurious that depending on the materials of your choice. In the post, I will instruct you how to bead diy bow rings for mothers day out of affordable seed beads and glass beads.


Materials needed diy bow rings:

2mm Round Seed Bead

6mm Bicone Glass Bead

8mm Cat-eye Bead

Rondelle Rhinestone Bead

Nylon Wire


How to make rings for mothers day?

Step1: construct the bow part

Take a 50cm long and fold it in half. 

Orderly slide one blue bicone glass bead, one transparent bicone glass bead and one blue bicone glass bead onto the central location on the wire; 

Next, feed both two ends through one rhinestone bead, one cat eye and one rhinestone bead;

Finally, separate the ends and add one blue bicone bead onto each and close it off by crossing through a transparent bicone bead.


Step2: work the rest ring blank

1. Add three transparent seed beads onto each end and then cross through one iris piece. Repeat the same processes until the beaded part may fit to your finger circumference. Pay attention, at the last beaded loop, cross the ends through your first transparent bicone bead. 

2. Feed the wire to first two seed bead at the first loop, then supply 2 pieces of iris beads and then thread the wire through the second bead of adjoining loop.

3. Repeat the same processes until supply all blank between each two loops.

4. Do the same action to another edge.

5. Make two ends get together at one bead and tie a fasten knot for secure. Tuck excess tails at 4 or more adjacent seed beads and then trim off extra parts.


<span "="">Yeah! This is my diy bow rings for mothers day, and what about you? What’s more, besides buy or make new piece, share the items you’ve got with mom may be another big fun. All in all, cherish each moment spent with mom and happy Mother’s Day! 

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