Diy bangle bracelets for small wrists

Summary: A special diy bangle project for thin and slim women; while making the bangle bracelets for small wrists, you may make use of 2mm aluminum wire, 0.3mm brass wire and strand of shell bead, an easy diy spring and summer bracelet.

Wearing bangles around the arms and feeling them slide up and down as we moved is really part of fun. But for the thin women, that may bring a kind of trouble like the bangle may slide down to your wrist. Yet, the baubles in stores are also designed with popular wrist size. Hence, you can make one customized for your own. The below contents are aptly about diy bangle bracelets for small wrists.

Materials needed in diy bangle

Shell Bead Strand

2mm Aluminum Wire

0.3mm Brass Wire

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Cylindrical stick

How to make bangle bracelets for small wrists?

Step1: form the frame

1. Snip 35cm long aluminum wire. Or in case, determine your own length about 5cm long than your personal wrist circumference;

2. Find the center location on aluminum wire and form a radian around the cylindrical stick. That may decide the width of your diy bangle;

3. Curve the two end tips inwards. Stop when each reaches half the width;

4. Take the brass wire coil and wrap the edges of semi-finished frame randomly;

5. Snip the brass wire when finished entire frame;

6. Take another strand of brass wire and wrap the frame again, this time is in order to make the frame stay in shape. 

Step2: add on the beads

Take the 3rd strand of brass wire, each time wrap a coil sliding on 1 or 2 shell beads for embellishment.

Keep wrapping freely and threading on beads at same time until adorn entire bangle.

Step3: shape your bangle

Find a cylindrical object that own a circumference as same as your wrist, then shape your bangle around it. 

Take the bangle off and this is your diy bangle bracelets for small wrists!

In fact, have small wrists do not mean you should stop wearing or bid farewell to the personalized bangles. To keep your bangles on and still remain stylish, just have a try on the diy bangle bracelets for small wrists. The step-by-step instructions may help go about this work.

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