Chic Mothers Necklace Design- Wire Wrapped Mother's Day Birthstone Necklace

Summary: This mothers day birthstone necklace is an innovative mixture consist of cool aluminum wire and shimmering bicone glass beads. This novel mothers necklace may actually bring you well-being and feel-good.

The remarkable mothers day birthstone necklace definitely leaves its significant symbol on the special occasion. Be inspired by a new style on the Etsy, I cerate my own mothers necklace. By collecting the necessary thin brass wire and thick aluminum wire, you are able to wrap the pattern in easy way under limited time.

Materials required in mothers necklace

8mm Bicone Glass Bead

10mm Faceted-round Glass Bead

Rondelle Rhinestone Bead 

1.5mm Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Brass Wire



Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Instructions for mothers day birthstone necklace

Step1: prepare the basic wire component

1. Cut a 35cm long aluminum wire, form a 100 degree angle at center, loop the two end tips inwards;

2. Snip another segment of the aluminum wire, about 10cm long to form a figure “8”.

Step2: make the decorative pendant

1. Slide the rhinestone bead and 10mm glass bead on a headpin, leave about 10mm long to form a large loop;

2. Hook the focal onto the figure “8” component.

Step3: wrap on the birthstone beads

1. Prepare a strand of actually long 0.5mm brass wire, wrap several coils around the location about 3cm away from the starting loop for fixing securely;

2. Add on your first bead, make it bead stayed on the wire as picture shows. Next, anchor by certain extra turns;

3. Do the same processes to wrapping on the second bead;

4. Keep threading on beads and wrapping coils until finished the left half portion. Secure the end with more turns as you did at beginning;

5. Make a mirror image for the remaining right side.

Step4: hang on the focal pendant

Form a jumpring by leftover aluminum wire and then hook on your well-prepared pendant.


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