Cheap DIY crafts- How to Make Mothers Birthstone Rings

Summary: Commemorate the special occasion with sets of cheap diy crafts may also be regarded as an economic yet effective means. In this post I will instruct you how to create meaning mothers day birthstone rings.

Though is a type of cheap diy crafts, the handmade mothers day birthstone rings are the personal gifts from your heart, and entirely embody your love and care for mom. And the mother’s ring, also well known as a family birthstone ring, should consist of all birthstones of family, and some include the father’s and the mother’s as well. Read on to learn the how-to. 

Things needed for mothers day birthstone rings

8mm Pearl Bead

6mm Bicone Bead

Loop Ring Component



0.5mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instructions for the mothers day birthstone rings

Step1: deal the birthstones

1. Pick one headpin and slide on one bead of choice, reserve 6mm length and form a loop at top;

2. Do same processes to all beads.

Step2: assemble the beads onto ring component

Hook the above elements onto loops on ring component. One loop needs stuff with 2 or 3 pieces.

When there only left 2 blank loops, you can head over to the next step.

Step3: hold all elements together

Take a strand of chain and pass it through one of the remaining loop;

Hold the two ends and wrap the focal birthstones for one and half time;

Feed the two ends through the last blank loop on ring component, secure with an extra segment of brass wire.

Remove the excess wire and chain.

Tada! Here is one sample of your mothers day birthstone rings. So stunning yet cheap diy crafts, right? The mother’s birthstone ring is not only a gift on Mother’s Day, but also a symbol and carrier of love and sweet. Pick up your birthstones and just have a try. 


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