Being Creative to Make Necklaces for Mothers Day

Summary: Just a strip of aluminum and several beads will be form a necklace, do you believe? This necklace s for mothers day is a simple project, so men who have married can cooperate with your kids to make this heart necklaces for her to show your love.

What you need while making necklaces for mothers day:

10mm glass bead

Rhinestone bead 

Acyclic bead

Aluminum wire


Spring clasps


Round nose plier

Wire cutter

  2. Loop the shorter tail on the longer one.

Step2: thread the beads

1.Thread the glass bead、rhinestone spacer and acyclic bead in proper sequence and clamp the longer tail boardwise 

3. Make a loop with the round nose plier.

Step3: make ending work:

Thread the chain through the loop and add the spring clasps. And now you can see the entire necklaces for mother process.

Looking at the necklaces for mothers day, do you have the desire to make one? It is really easy making and full of love, I believe your mom will be moved and surprised by the jewelry that you make. 

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