DIY style ideas-make cool diy bracelets out of pearl beads and organza ribbon

Summary: How to come up with really fascinating diy style ideas? Choose the organza ribbon and pearl beads. These two distinctive stuffs may totally contribute an amazing cool diy bracelets pattern.

You may have seen those enchanting ribbon and pearl bracelets in boutiques and wondered to know how the ingenious diy style ideas were inspired. Here is a little demonstration about these cool diy bracelets. Besides the necessary pearl beads and inches of organza ribbon, you may need no other things except the assistive needle and sewing thread.

Materials needed in the diy style ideas

Ivory Acrylic Bead-imitation pearl (4mm & 8mm)

0.3mm Nylon Wire

Wide Organza Ribbon

Lobster Claw Clasp


Crimp bead (not shown in picture)


Sewing needle

Instructions for creating such cool diy bracelets

Step1: make the beaded pattern

1. Snip a long strand nylon wire, approximate 120cm;

2. Slide one 8mm onto the center;

3. Add one 4mm pearl bead onto each end and then cross through one extra 8mm bead;

4. Do repeat the procedure3 until the beaded portion reached an ideal length around your wrist.

Step2: work the ribbon strip

1. Cut a long Organza Ribbon as well, fold it twice and stack it into several small layers. For each layer, sew it for fixing;

2. After finishing entire ribbon strip, secure the end with crimp bead

Step3: sew the beaded branch with ribbon

1. Start the sewing procedure from the back of ribbon strand. Pass the sewing needle from back to front;

2. Pass the needle through the 8mm pearl bead from left to right;

3. Sew the needle from front to back of the ribbon;

4. Keep acting the above three processes until sewing entire beaded branch onto the ribbon.

Step4: work the closure

1. Simply pass one jumpring at one end;

2. Sew the clasp onto the other end. 

See, you have it done! Pear beads are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and so do the romantic organza ribbon, and foremost, pearls and ribbon will

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Nov 17, 2013 at 07:58 PM Andrea Spence

Quite a classy piece! Pretty!