Mommy Necklace - Braided Charm Necklaces for Moms

Summary: Have you presented a mommy necklace to your mom? This project sincerely tutors you a hands-on way to braid charm necklaces for moms! Here is you favorite brief instruction with clear photos assisting.

<span "="">As for a present for mom, I believe you would prefer hand making one all by yourself to randomly purchasing one that you even don’t know what meaning is implied in. moreover this project “mommy necklace” isn’t going to bluff and baffle readers, we ensure you can braid this charm necklace for moms! 

Materials and tools:

1mm black nylon thread

Acrylic alpha beads

Heart shaped glass bead




Step 1: prepare the top loop for mommy necklace

1st, snip 3 pieces of thread each measuring about 3m long;

2nd, fold a loop at center and pick another piece of thread to wrap the loop.

Step 2: do one part of 3-strand-braiding

1st, separate threads into 3 groups, that is, 2 threads/group;

2nd, do 3-strand-braiding and stop till the length reaches half of your neck;

3rd, tie a pair of square knots to end this part of braiding.

Step 3: finish the rest part of mommy necklace

1st,add letter “I” bead to center threads and tie a pair of square knots;

2nd, similarly add heart pendant and rest beads;

3rd, do another part of 3-strand-braiding;

4th, tie 2 or 3 overhand knots to finish off the necklace. 

So the finalized charm necklace for moms is like this:

Then this mommy necklace permanently possesses the marking “I love Mom” warm and sweet! You have the pledge to express heartfelt love to mom, and also she gets the precious gift that can be shown off before friends and relatives. 

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