Bracelets for guys- DIY survival bracelet with chunky chain

Summary: DIY survival bracelet complemented with iron chain is such a cool combination that you must be interested in this kind of bracelets for guys; simple degree for every beginner.

So far how many survival bracelets have we done? A dozen, I guess! As DIY survival bracelet is widely abroad and always easily accepted by green hands of jewelry crafting world. These bracelets for guys will be surely popular among your friends.

Materials and tools

2mm black nylon thread

2mm white nylon thread

24x17x5.5 CCB chain

Jump rings

Lobster clasp




Step 1: make survival bracelet braiding

1st, snip 2 pieces of 5-link-chain and pick one for this step;

2nd, snip 1.5m length for each color and fold them in half, tying lark’s head knot over one end of the chain;

3rd, tie about 6 pairs of square knots with left white and right black threads.

Step 2: braid back to make king cobra knots

1st, pick the other piece of chain and threads axis through it;

2nd, braid back and tie another 6 pairs of square knots to cover the previous;

3rd, cut off excess threads and singe all the ends.

Step 3: attach clasp to final links

1st, with plier attach lobster with a jump ring;

2nd, attach another jump ring to the other end.

Tada, you get the finalized DIY survival bracelet. It is a perfect bracelet for guys, which can be best utilized when giftgiving your friends on birthday party, or your dad on father’s day.

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