Bracelets DIY- red heart friendship bracelet making patterns

Summary: In the bracelets DIY project, we present you a fine way about red heart friendship bracelet making pattern; very simple and cute for lovely girls!

If feel crumby in rainy days, you might as well find something interesting to do, such as undertake a unique bracelets DIY; don’t know where to get this sort of DIY crafting tutorials? Come to our web, and this time we’d like to teach you heart shaped friendship bracelet making pattern.

Materials and tools:

1mm black nylon thread

1mm red nylon thread




Step 1: prepare the loop end of bracelet

1st, snip 2 pieces of 3m length for each color, twist the center part and tie an overhand to secure the top loop;

2nd, arrange 8 strands as picture shows;

3rd, use leftmost black strand to tie forward knots from left to center;

4th, use rightmost black strand to tie backward knots from right to center;

5th, tie forward knot with center two strands;

6th, repeat to make another V shape with red strand.

Step 2: braid the heart shape pattern

1st, in the same method to make another black V shape;

2nd, use left black strand to tie a backward knot over left red strand, meanwhile use right black strand to tie a forward knot over right red strand;

3rd, use left red strand to tie forward knots from left to center, and use right red strand to tie backward knots from right to center;

4th, use left red to tie backward knot over leftmost black strand and right red to tie forward knot over rightmost black one;

5th, use black strands to tie forward / backward knots from sides to center;

6th, braid red strands from sides to center, so the heart shaped pattern is finished once.

Step 3: finish the rest bracelet

1st, repeat step 2 to braid the remaining bracelet;

2nd, when the length’s fit to wear, separate stands into 2 groups;

3rd, respectively do 4-strand-braiding.

Here the full friendship bracelet making pattern looks like this:

Our bracelet DIY project ends up now. Even in these dull and gloomy days you can harvest joviality and happiness from handmade craftworks. Don’t you think that such kind of jewelry DIY helps you enjoy your life. 

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