Wire Wrapped Triangle Bail Tutorial- Make Bead into a Pendant

Summary: In this wire wrapped triangle bail tutorial, you will learn how to make beads into a pendant,just need wire and a drop shape bead,let’s get started to make it.

Instructions on making a wire wrapped triangle bail:

Step1: Cut 4 inches piece of wire and slide a drop shape bead onto it.

slide a drop bead onto 4 inches wire

Step2: With your finger, make the wires cross to be a triangle. Make sure the short piece is in front of the longer piece.

make the wires cross to be a triangle

Step3: Bend the short piece down to right angle and use chain nose pliers to bend the longer piece of wire straight up forming a right angle between the two wires.

secure the triangle by wrap wires

Step4: Wrap the short piece of wire around the longer piece about 3 or 4 wraps.

Wrap the short wire around the longer wire

Step5: Cut the short tail as close as possible with wire cutters.

cut the short tail

Step6: Bend the wire toward left and then pull the wire around the round nose pliers until the loop is completely round.

bend the wire to make a loop

Step7: Use your fingers to wrap the wire around the base wire down to the first wrap. Then cut off the extra wire with wire cutters.

wrap the wire around the base wire

Step8: So you have created a wire wrapped triangle bail now!

wire wrapped triangle bail is finished

Your pendant will not be bald after you make a small change to it.

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