Butterfly bow brooch in Christmas colors

Summary: It is a free and easy-to learn tutorial about how to make a butterfly bow brooch; the butterfly bow will bring much more Christmas atmosphere than you can expect.

Now you have prepared enough charms and ornaments to decorate your house and erect the beautiful Christmas tree. Some of your friends probably ask for your suggestions about adorning themselves; so you have to think about the unique and suitable ways to decorate people. Jewelry is good choice; but what pattern and style can impress others well and fit the environment of Christmas holiday. I have an idea, that is, beaded butterfly bow brooch in Xmas colors- red and green!


The materials and tools you need:

6mm red bicone beads

4mm green bicone beads

Rhinestone bead

0.35mm tiger tail wire (options: copper wire, aluminum wire)

pin back

Wire cutter

Steps about butterfly bow brooch are below:
1. Prepare the beading wire
Snip 15 cm length of steel wire, and pick the needed numbers of red and green beads at hand; then read the butterfly bow diagram;
2. Make the butterfly bow
First, thread 3 red beads into center and then add 3 green beads to each end;
Second, cross through a rhinestone bead and continue beading as diagram shows;
3. End the butterfly bow brooch
When the butterfly bow is done, cut off the excess wire;

Finally, attach the brooch panel to it.

Till this moment, your brooch is done and our tutorial about how to make a butterfly bow brooch is finished! Put on this brooch to take part in gorgeous Christmas parties.


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Jun 14, 2022 at 08:02 PM Simran Kshirsagar

Cannot see the picture diagram of this tutorial