How to Make Wire Wrapped Link for Jewelry Making

Summary: This wire wrap tutorials will guide you to make wire wrap link, necessary compents for jewelry making. It is a bit more complicated than simple link,

How to make wire wrapped link for jewelry making?

Step1: Bend the wire in the middle to a right angle and slide a bead onto it.

bend a wire and slid a bead

Step2: Make a complete loop on one side with round nose pliers.

make a complete loop

Step3: Continue to wrap all the way around the base of the wire just below the loop until it is completely covered with wraps.

wrap all the way around the base of the wire

Step4: Repeat the step2 and step3 on the other side.

repeat the step2 and step3

Step5: So the wire wrapped link is done.

wire wrapped link is done

Having finished the above steps, you may think making a wire wrapped link is so easy. You can create unique jewelry with it.

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