How to Make Wire Wrapped Bead Cap

Summary: In this wire wrap techniques, you will learn how to make bead caps by wrapping wires.

How to make wire wrapped bead cap?

Step1: Make a loop at one end of a wire and string a bead onto it. The use your round nose pliers to bend the wire toward left.

make a loop and string a bead onto it

Step2: Wrap a loop around the nose of the pliers and then wrap the base of the wire down to the bead.

wrap a loop

Step3: Start to make the cap by first wrapping the wire around the last wrap and repeat wrapping around your last wrap. You can stop when you have as large of a cap as desired.

make the cap by first wrapping the wire

Step4: Cut off the extra wire with the wire cutters.

cut off the extra wire

Step5: Then you get a wire wrapped bead cap!

wire wrapped bead cap is finished

I believe you have already got a beautiful wire wrapped bead cap once you have finished the above steps. It is worth owning.

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Sep 12, 2014 at 12:39 AM Banu Alli

Please would you advice on the type of wire that is used? Thank you