Basic Jewelry Making Techniques- How to Link Beads with Wire

Summary: This is one of basic jewlery making techniques for beginners, in this chapter you will learn how to link beads with wire when you wanna make wire and bead jewelry.

Basic Jewelry Making Techniques:

Step1: Loop one end of an eye pin with round nose pliers.

loop one end of an eyepin

Step2: String a bead onto the eye pin and bend the long wire toward the left side.

string a bead onto the eyepin and bend wire

Step3: Use the side cutters to cut the wire, making sure the left part can be made a loop similar with the already made one.  

cut the wire

Step4: Make another loop around round nose pliers.

make another loop

Step5: So you get a simple link for jewelry making.

a simple link for jewelry making

Simple link can be used in many aspects. It has two loops, and you can match it with chain or other links to make diverse jewelries.

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