Messy Wire Wrapped Link- Useful Techniques for Jewelry Making

Summary: Messy wire wrapped link is a little messy but it is very useful and pretty. It can be used in many aspects as you like. Let’s start to make it together!

Messy wire wrapped link instruction:

Step1: String a bead onto a wire.

 string a bead onto a wire

Step2: Bend the short piece of the wire toward right.

bend the short wire

Step3: Grasp the short piece of wire with round nose pliers and make a loop around it.

make a loop

Step4: Continue wrapping down to the bead and cut off the extra wire.

wrapping down to the bead

Step5: Bend the long piece of wire toward left.

bend the long wire

Step6: Repeat the step3 and step4.

repeat the step3 and step4

Step7: Thread a wire through one loop and use round nose pliers make a complete loop.

thread a wire through one loop and make an another loop

Step8: Wrap the short wire around the long wire about 3 wraps.

wrap the short wire

Step9: String a bead onto the wire and make a loop.

repeat the step7

Step10: Continue wrapping around the base of the wire about 3 wraps.

wrapping around the base of the wire about 3 wraps

Step11: Make another link to it, and then you will get the messy wire wrapped link below.

messy wire wrapped link is done

DO some more messy wire wrapped links, you will get a nice beads chain bracelet. continue to make, it won't let you down.

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