Messy Wire Wrapped Briolette Tutorial - Messy But Elegant

Summary: Messy wire wrapped briolette seems a little messy but it decorates the beads and make them more elegant.

Wire wrapped briolette tutorial:

Step1: Slide one briolette onto a wire and cross the wires with your finger.

slide one briolette onto a wire

Step2: Bend the longer piece of wire straight up and wrap the short piece of wire around it about 2-3 wraps.

bend the long wire and wrap it around the short wire

Step3: Cut the short tail with your wire cutters.

cut the short tail

Step4: Squeeze the end of the wire with round nose pliers.

squeeze the end of the wire

Step5: Use the round nose pliers to grasp the wire and wrap a complete loop.

wrap a complete loop

Step6: Continue wrapping down the briolette until you have covered as much of the briolette as desired.

continue wrapping down the briolette

Step7: Cut off the extra wire.

cut off the extra wire

Step8: You can use your chain nose pliers to tuck the remaining tip of the wire.

tuck the remaining tip of the wire

Step9: Done!

the wire wrapped briolette is done

If you have followed our steps, you have already got a wire wrapped briolette pendant.

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