Apple earrings, for happy Christmas

Summary: I am delighted to introduce you another simple tutorial about Christmas jewelry- a pair of lovely apple earrings! I will demonstrate the illustrated steps and I swear you will love it!


For eastern people, apple is not only seen as a kind of healthy fruit, but also endowed with a meaning of being safe and sound; therefore I think in the vital day, every one of you would like an adorable ornament of apple shape to accompany; here you will self make a pair of apple earring in your own style.

The materials and tools:

10mm red round glass beads

4mm green bicone beads

6mm abacus beads in brown and light green colors

Eye pins

Ear hooks

0.35mm tiger tail wire

Wire cutter

Round nose plier


Steps for apple earrings are as below:

1. Make the apple leaves

Snip 8 cm length of steel wire, thread 5 green beads onto center, cross both ends through the last bead and continue beading as diagram shows;

2. Make apple branch

Thread red bead, apple leave, brown bead and light green bead in turn, and then loop the rest part of eye pin;

3. Complete the apple earrings

Attach apple branch pendant to ear hook and repeat above steps to make the other one;



So far, the tutorial of apple earrings is completed. I hope you will love them and in future, take them out to wear when confronting some great and important day again, as I believe the apple earrings will really bring your good luck and fortune. 


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