Wire Bracelet Designs-how to Diy Bangle Bracelets in Super Cool Pattern

Summary: Feeding your obsession with wire wrap things, you can never ignore the wire bracelet designs today. It is all about details for how to diy bangle bracelets out of wire easily. If you did, you may get a lot of unprecedented satisfaction.

Supplies needed in diy bangle bracelets:

2mm Aluminum Wire

0.3mm Brass Wire

8mm Acrylic Bead-imitation Pearl

Side Cutting Plier

Details in wire bracelet designs:

Step1: work the wire loops

1. Cut a segment of about 50~60cm long Aluminum Wire. Form a simple loop at beginning;

2. Continue curve the wire for other one and half turns;

3. Reverse the directions and work another two and half turns;

4. Back to the process 2 and then process 3 alternately. Keep wrapping until that part reaches an ideal length you want foe your diy bangle bracelets;

5. Circle the wire wrapped part around a circular object that owns similar diameter to your wrist.

1. Snip a quite long 0.3mm brass wire strip and tie the starting to the beginning part. Wrap the top half for several times and then anchor the wire bear the gap between two loop branches. Then string one pearl bead to fill the gap and keep wrapping the top half of next loop branch;

2. After finishing the top half of all branches, do the same actions for rest bottom half parts. At the end, wrap and fix the tail at one location tautly.

Step3: deal with the two sharp tips of Aluminum wire

Simply by wrapping the main aluminum wire several times to join them side by side. After that adorn with your beloved pearls beads or something else and this consist one of stunning wire bracelet designs. Invite your friends over for a diy bangle bracelets party and show off more your creations later.

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