Fabulous bead bracelet designs to make diy pearl bracelet

Summary: It’s a fraction of numerous bead bracelet designs to make easily and speedily. In this post, you will be taught how to diy pearl bracelet out of string and pearls beads with simple half hitches.

Wonder to figure out some fresh bead bracelet designs to make with? Whether you are making a trendy string friendship bracelet or a piece of funky diy pearl bracelet, there is no better choice than this project. In it, you are going to weave a wavy string and pearl bracelet in an incredible method that will definitely draw all attentions of your friends and others.

Supplies needed in diy pearl bracelet

1mm Nylon Thread

2mm Nylon Thread

8mm Acrylic Bead-Imitation pearl



Instructions for the diy pearl bracelet

Step1: preparations

1. Take about 25cm long 2mm nylon thread to work as the holding end;

2. Cut another 2 strands 1mm nylon thread for main working ends, each should lengthen about 150cm long;

3. Tie two thinner working ends up to holding end by using the reliable sliding knot.

Step2: start to braiding and adding pearl beads

1. Fix the cord ends on flat as picture show;

2. Slide a pearl bead onto the left working end (Black as diagram shows);

3. Take the right working end (Red as diagram shows) and start to work half hitch for 12 times;

4. Pick up the left end again and start to make half hitch knot in same way, 12 times as well. Pull the first knot tautly until the red hitches become in relatively radian to embrace the bead;

5. Thread the pearl bead on right working end instead and working half hitches with other working end at meanwhile;

6. Keep repeating the above processes until your diy pearl bracelet reaches an ideal length.

Step3: make a closure

1. Finish the end of bracelet by about four half hitches and then trim off all excess tails. Secure the positions by fusing with lighter;

Act the same procedure to all tails;

2. Overlap the leftover holding ends;

Take another strand of 1mm black nylon thread to work 5 pair of square knots for the closure;

Remove the excess 1mm cords and then make an overhand knot at each end of 2mm ones. Do melt the knot tails by lighter as well.


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