Diy Earrings Ideas- How to DIY Bead Drop Earrings in Limited Time

Summary: Using two large focal beads and three small ones work as paving elements, learn to diy bead earrings in very limited time. Thus, for the novices, I recommend the diy earrings ideas.

Wonder to figure out some diy earrings ideas that are relatively easy to make? You may be willing to try this one. This pair of earrings simply utilizes the basic wire wrap techniques as well as common supplies and tools. Follow the ensuing step-by-step instructions to make these diy bead earrings.

Supplies needed in diy bead earrings

Drop Transparent Acrylic Bead 

Abacus Glass Bead (10mm & 6mm)

6mm Bicone Glass Bead

Snowflake Bead Spacer

Tibetan Bead Cap



Earring Hook

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Details for diy earrings ideas

Step1: Compose drop bead part

Hold a long head pin, slide one bead cap, one drop bead and one 6mm abacus glass bead onto it in sequence. Form a 90 degree close to the top bead with fingers;

Form a simple loop with the leftover pin tail. 

Step2: create the 10mm abacus bead part

Take a long eyepin, and then thread the 6mm Bicone glass bead, snowflake bead spacer, 10mm Abacus glass bead alternately as picture show.

Loop the tail part in same way. Besides, wrap other excess part around the pin neck.

Step3: assemble your earrings

Open the loop at top of drop bead part and then hook the part prepared in step2;

Attach on the earring hooks;

Do repeat all above processes for an entire pair of diy bead earrings.

See? It is both easy to get started the diy earrings ideas and put a termination to it. For all seasons though, I’d love to create a bunch of these diy bead earrings for my own and all friends around. A super easy tutorial costs less than 5 dollars, you really deserve it!

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