Diy Chandelier Earrings Inspired by Stunning Wire Wrap Arts

Summary: It is a post about diy earrings out of simply Aluminum wire and several radiant glass beads. in addition, this pair of creative diy chandelier earrings is inspired by some amazing wire wrap objects I’ve seen.

<span "="">Most women would love to replenish new pieces for their jewelry boxes daily for creating fresh image, especially the diy earrings dangling beside earlobes. Those accessories are so beautiful and versatile that each of you can design one or more pairs by yourselves at home easily. In this post, I will show you how to diy a pair of diy chandelier earrings in easy way.

Supplies needed in diy earrings:

10mm Faceted Heart-shape Glass Pendant

6mm Abacus Glass Bead


Earring hooks

1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Golden Brass Wire

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instructions on diy chandelier earrings:

Step1: wrap out the chandelier component

1. Prepare one 20cm long wire and start by wrapping the first loop at center around a cylindrical object, such as a pen in my plan. Take it off the pen;

2. Grab your right half segment, and then rotate it around the bottom of Round Nose Plier, in anti-clockwise direction;

3. Wrap another loop in clockwise direction, with same size for a figure “8”;

4. Loop the leftover wire in anti-clockwise direction; 

5. Adjust the positions of both three loops as the picture shows;

6. Do repeat the looping processes in directions: clockwise- anti-clockwise- clockwise. 

Step2: make the beaded elements in diy earrings

1. Slide your 6mm Abacus Glass Bead onto eyepin and loop the end. 9 such pieces are needed for one diy chandelier earrings;

2. Work a triangle bail for both three heart-shape pendants. 

Cut a 5cm long of brass wire. Thread wire through the hole on pendant, leaving about 1/3 in;

Twist two ends for several turns and then wrap the short piece of wire around the longer;

Take the longer wire and form a loop around your Round Nose Plier. Continue wrapping the wire until finished all leftover part. Tuck the tails by squeezing it with flat nose plier.

Step3: hook the abacus and heart-shape elements

Hook three of the abacus glass bead elements and then one heart-shape pendant. Make three groups.

Step4: assemble your diy earrings

1. Tie another 5cm long section of brass wire up to the first large loop, and make a hanger below as picture show;

2. Attach on the three beaded components onto the wire wrapped chandelier.  

The Diy chandelier earrings consist of numbers of radiant glass beads so that they can shin in light all the time. Besides, to make pairs of diy earrings, you may also make use of vintage gemstone bead. All in all, enjoy yourself in each day!

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