Bracelet making tutorials-hemp bracelet patterns with pictures

Summary: Today’s bracelet making tutorials show you step-by-step instructions for making a hemp bracelet patterns with pictures out of seed beads. Take part in this simple and ingenious guide and start tying the great hobby.

This is an interesting and elaborated episode among various bracelet making tutorials. In this post, I will teach you how to work a concise hemp bracelet patterns with pictures out of seed beads. During the entire processes, all things you need to do are knotting two overhand knots and slide on your seed beads. 

Supplies for the bracelet making tutorials

1mm Nylon Thread Cord

4mm Round Seed Bead

Silver Crimp Bead


Lobster Claw Clasp


How to work hemp bracelet patterns with pictures?

Step1: prepare the working thread

1. Cut a strip of 60cm long nylon thread cord;

2. Fold the cord in half and thread a crimp bead;

3. Squeeze the bead at 0.7cm away from the folded location;

4. Tie the first overhand knot at 6~7cm position and then we will set out to add on the seed beads.

Step2: make the focal beaded pattern

1. Pass the two working ends cross through one seed bead;

2. Increasing the number of seed bead to 2 and then cross the working ends through in same way;

3. Work with 3 beads, 4 beads and 5 beads respectively and then decreasing the number of bead as the order: 4-3-2-1.

Step3: ending of bracelet making tutorials

Make a mirror image on the other side. there is a small tips that at the end, I just thread one working end back to the crimp bead due to one just allows 3 cord ends to pass at one time. However, it makes no difference; 

Remove the excess tails and attach on the clasp by using jumpring;


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