Beaded jingle bell, just the fittest Christmas charm

Summary: It is a free tutorial about how to make a beaded jingle bell to ornament your Xmas time; I will show you the detailed steps and correct illustrations; you will love this Christmas charm.

The finished jingle bell can be ornament adorn Christmas tree at home, if you make a large one; it can also be used to embellish yourself as a certain pendant on every piece of jewelry; you can install it on bag, cellphone, clothes and key chain; the jingle bell will become the best Christmas charm in this season.

Supplies for making a jingle bell:

4mm Bicone Glass Bead

6mm Abacus Glass Bead

12/0 Glass Seed Bead


Cord loop

Tiger tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instructions for the Christmas charm:

Step1: start by beading the top of jingle bell

Firstly, snip 100cm long tiger tail wire and make a loop by threading 5 pieces of 12/0 seed beads.

Secondly, make the connected “petals” out of: three 12/0 seed beads and three 4mm Bicone Glass bead. The details have been completely introduced in the beading diagram.

Step2: make the 2nd layer of jingle bell

In this part, the fundamental elements are just the beaded bloom in step1. The only different is that it is included five of that, and in order to make it into a whole, you should share some parts between each two blooms.

Step3: the 3rd layer of jingle bell

On the basis of beading processes in step2, finish the 3rd layer portion.

In the last, supply one more Bicone Glass Bead at the space between two beads.

Step4: make the clapper of jingle bell

Hold on the headpin and thread the 6mm and 12/0 seed beads. Then pass the bell from bottom to top, and loop the rest pin. 

So right now, you have your shining beaded jingle bell done! Try it on a necklace or just hook it on a cord loop as I did before. No matter where you put it, it must be the most handcraft Christmas charm item in the cheery holiday. Do not believe? Then just have a try.

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