How to do Glass Pearl Beaded Necklace

Summary: Hello there, today we’re here with a simple, quick, and easy-to-make jewelry project, Glass Pearl Beaded Necklace. You’ll be surprised to see how easy and quick this craft is!

How to do Glass Pearl Beaded Necklace

Jewelry Materials and tools needed:

Jewelry Materials

4mm Pearl Round Bead Strands(Purple): X-HY-Q003-4mm-76

7mm Pearl Round Bead Strands(Purple): HY-Q003-6mm-76

10mm Shell Pearl Beads Strands(White): BSHE-E008-10mm-12

Toggle clasp: TIBE-PH0001-01G-NR


Steel Scissors: PW22062814775

Iron Big Eye Beading Needles: TOOL-N006-03

Nylon Beading Threads for Seed Beads: NWIR-R047-001

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Instructions on how to make this:

Step 1 :

String five 4 mm purple pearl beads, then enclose them in the shape of a flower, finally strung with four 4 mm pearl beads.

Step 2 :

String in three 4mm pearl beads and form a new flower shape with the original circle. And so on, eventually forming a large beaded flower. Finally string 3 pearl beads.

Step 3 :

Immediately after the string of 2 pearl beads, the original flower circle wrapped up to form a flower ball. 

Repeat the above steps and string a 10mm white pearl in the middle of each flower ball to split it up, deciding the number of flower balls according to the length of your wrist.

Step 4 :

Finally, string some 7mm purple pearl beads and a toggle clasp at the end of the necklace. Of course, the number of pearl beads can be adjusted according to the wrist length.

A beautiful Glass Pearl Beaded Necklace is finished~

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