Let’s do Glass Beaded Band Bracelet~

Summary: Making Glass Beaded Band Bracelet is a fun and popular jewelry-making project. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to make a jewelry-making project. Let's get it started!

Let’s do Glass Beaded Band Bracelet~

Jewelry Materials and tools needed:

Jewelry Materials

TOHO Round Seed Beads(Gold Metallic): X-SEED-TR11-0557

Transparent Glass Seed Beads(Cornflower Blue): X-SEED-Q006-F13

Electroplate Glass Faceted Rondelle Beads(Blue): EGLA-PH0002-3x2mm-02

Glass Bicone Beads Strands(White): X-GLAA-S026-07

Plated Brass Chain Extender with Lobster Claw Clasps: KK-K210-18G


Steel Scissors: PW22062814775

Iron Big Eye Beading Needles: TOOL-N006-03

Nylon Beading Threads for Seed Beads: NWIR-R047-001

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Instructions on how to make this:

Step 1 :

First prepare 6 blue seed beads and enclose them in the shape of a flower. Next string in a golden seed bead and repeat 5 times so that each blue bead is surrounded by a  golden bead outside. Finally string 4 golden seed beads, a white Bicone bead and 5 golden seed beads next to one of the golden seed beads.


Step 2 :

We surrounded the white bicone beads with gold seed beads to form a circle. Then repeat the first step and string a blue circle. Finally, and so on, we can get 4 golden circles and 4 blue circles.

Step 3 :

Prepare two blue seed beads and string them into one of the golden seed beads, and so on, repeating 3 times so that a circle of blue beads surrounds the inside of the square. Next, prepare one blue seed bead and one white bicone bead, pay attention to the order of the beads, and string them into the golden beads in turn, and repeat 3 times. Finally, string 2 golden seed beads, a white bicone bead and two golden seed beads outside one of the seed beads.


Step 4 :

String the finished products together and determine the number of finished products according to the length of your wrist. Finally, string 8 seed beads to form a square to connect the extension chain.

A beautiful Glass Beaded Band Bracelet is finished~

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