Mother's Day Presents to Make- DIY Feather Earrings

Summary: This diy feather earrings project is just an appropriate idea about mothers day presents to make. Feather’s blue combined with pearl’s pure white and crystals’ clear is a fantastic image for eyes!

To diy feather earrings is a piece of cake for someone who has been stationing in jewelry making field for long while. Virtually for beginner, feather earrings are just “strange friend”. They are proper choice for mothers day presents to make.

Materials and tools

Blue feather

Red heart glass pendant

Goldsand Lampwork

0.3mm copper wire

10mm blue round glass beads

6mm blue abacus glass beads

6mm white glass pearls

8mm white glass pearls

Jump rings

Eye pins

Head pins 

Earring hooks

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: attach shell bead to feather

1st, snip a piece of copper wire which should be long enough for next wrapping;

2nd, thread wire through jump ring, twist two halves and slide shell bead and round bead on;

3rd, make a wire wrapped loop with feather attached in.

Step 2: adorn pearls and pendant

1st, make several bead link and bail as picture shows;

2nd, use cutter to trim off excess feather at top;

3rd, hook the link and bail onto jump ring.

Step 3: finish the earrings

Attach earring hook to the feather dangle, and repeat to make the other.

The finalized product looks like:

So the tutorial of diy feather earrings is done; we ensure you that you can never see the same pair in jewelry store. Therefore this alluring pair is just a right choice you have decided for Mothers day presents to make .

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