Valentine's Day Project - Rainbow Heart Pendant with Seed Beads

Summary: Happy New Year! Today we're going to make a 3D rainbow colored heart pendant as the Valentine's Day is approaching. You can easily make it by following the tutorial. Let's get it started!

Valentine's Day Project - Rainbow Heart Pendant with Seed Beads

Materials and tools needed:

Multi-color 11/0 MIYUKI Round Rocailles Beads

* You can choose any colors of seed beads you like~

Beading Thread

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Instructions on how to make this:

Step 1 :

String 3 seed beads into a circle, add 2 other seed beads of same color to form another symmetrical circle.

Add two more seed beads on the outside of each of the two circles.


Step 2 :

Use the middle seed bead as the apex, fold the two sides so that it becomes the bottom of the heart. Add 2 colourful seed beads to one of the side and add 1 silver seed bead to link the 2 sides of the heart.

Use the same way to the other side of the heart. The only difference is that you can use only the silver seed beads to form the back of the heart.


Step 3 :

Repeat step 2, make sure that the number of seed beads in each row increases gradually and the color of the seed beads in each column is the same.


Step 4 :

Make up the colored seed beads of each part of the heart in the order shown below. Connect them with the silver seed beads at the back to complete the heart.


This beautiful heart pendant which perfectly fits the theme of Valentine's Day is completed, how do you like it?

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