Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Beaded Christmas Hoop Earrings

Summary: Is it too early for Christmas? But we are getting ready now! One of the most fun DIY projects you can take on is making your own Christmas jewelry. Let's get it started!

Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Beaded Christmas Hoop Earrings

What You'll Need


Equipment / Tools


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Instructions on how to make the earrings


Step 1:

Using a thread to tie a knot on the iron ring. then slide two green seed beads, pass the thread from one side of the iron ring to the other side through a green seed bead and pull it up. And slide a green seed bead in the same way, pass a green seed bead from one side of the iron ring to the other, and string it as a round in turn.


Step 2:

In the second circle, slide two silver seed beads first. String the thread through the middle line of the two green seed beads in the previous circle and pull it up from the hole of a silver seed bead. And then slide a silver seed bead into it. String the thread through the middle of the two green seed beads, and string it as a round in turn.

Same ways to string the 3rd and 4th circles as the second circle.


Step 3:

Randomly pull the thread out of the last circle of seed beads and slide a green seed bead, a black crystal bead and a green seed bead. String the thread through the third bead which is the same way as the second circle but skip one bead in the middle.


Step 4:

At last, connect the first circle of seed beads to the circles of 5 rows with an open ring. Add an ear hook on the small rings, then we finished all the steps.


This beautiful Christmas Theme Hoop Earring is completed ! 


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Watch Video Tutorial: Beebeecraft Seed Beaded Christmas Theme Hoop Earrings

We hope you like this tutorial and enjoy the craft if you give it a try! Can't wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you all. See you next time!


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