Some Jewelry Making Tips about Resin Crafting

Summary: How do you like resin crafts? Today I'm going to introduce a few tips about resin crafting, if you are interested in that, come to have a try with us now~

Some Jewelry Making Tips about Resin Crafting

What is Resin Crafting?

Resin crafting is the practice of creating or replicating forms using various molds. These molds are filled with a substance called epoxy resin which is poured into molds in a liquid form. This liquid then dries and hardens to form a near-perfect replication of the negative from the mold hold.
Resin Crafting is an increasingly popular creative hobby. Original, aesthetic and easy to work with, it allows you to carry out many DIY projects such as customizing accessories for jewelry making, creating exquisite jewelry or home decorations.

What supplies basics are needed for resin projects?

First of all, we need a mold to hold the glue liquid, and then wait for a while for the glue to dry or use a UV lamp to accelerate hardening. Depending on the item you want to make, there are a variety of mold choices. Silicone molds are suitable for slightly larger items. Open Back Bezel and Pendant Cabochon Settings are suitable to make small decorations.

                             Silicone Molds                                                           Open Back Bezel

  Pendant Cabochon Settings                           Resin Glue                                        UV Lamp


What can be put in resin for decor?

Transparent and colorless, the resin can be personalized as desired with dyes, glitter, dried flowers or other mini decorations.

                Pigment                       Glitter Powder                     Micro-beads                        Sequins

              Dried Flowers                  Rhinestone                      Resin Filler                    Picture Sticker


What is the difference between epoxy resin and UV resin?

Epoxy resin is composed of two liquids. Mixing the two components produces a chemical reaction that the mixture can harden over time and become solid.
Comparatively, UV resin is a mixture that can harden in a shorter time by using a UV lamp. It can also harden under the heat of the sun.
If you are doing jewelry projects, UV resin is the best material for small flat projects,but if you're using silicone molds for larger 3D projects, epoxy is better.


What kind of jewelry can you make with resin?

Epoxy resin has a beautiful, crystal clear surface and is therefore ideal for the production of jewelry and accessories.

                        Earrings                                   Hair Accessories                                     Bracelets

                                      Rings                                                                              Brooches


What featured crafts can you make with molds?

                         Soap                                                Candle                                          Bookmark

                      Cup Mat                                           Storage                                      Special Molds



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