PandaHall Idea on Pink Eyes Beadede Bracelet with Rose Quartz

Summary: Nice to see you all again! Today we're going to make a beautiful pink eyes beaded flower bracelet. You can easily make them by following the tutorial below. Let's get it started.

PandaHall Idea on Pink Eyes Beadede Bracelet with Rose Quartz

Materials and tools needed:

Natural Rose Quartz Beads Strands: G-D0013-68

12/0 Grade A Round Glass Seed Beads: X-SEED-Q011-F501

Glass Pearl Beads Strands: X-HY-3D-B01

304 Stainless Steel Chain Extender: X-STAS-H558-22G

You can search the code and buy all materials on


Instructions on how to make this:

Step 1 :

String 4 seed beads into a square, add 2 seed beads to form another connected square.
String another 4 seed beads with a beading needle, through the needle cross the middle 2 seed beads to form a square, add 2 seed beads to form another connected square, too.


Step 2:

Repeat step 1 until the beads strand is long enough to be a bracelet. Prepare another beads strand same as the first one.
Overlap the 2 beads strands and connect their ends. Add a glass pearl bead at the fourth middle seed bead.


Step 3:

Add a glass pearl bead at the symmetrical place in the back and connect the 2 beads strands.
Spaca a few seed beads, add a rose quartz bead between the 2 beads strands.


Step 4:

Repeat step 3, make sure that the glass pearl beads and rose quartz beads are in regular order.


Step 5:

Link the chain extender to the bracelet with jump rings.
This beautiful pink eyes bracelet is completed ! 
You can also find the video tutorial on our youtube channel at 
Isn't it interesting? Come and give it a try! You can use the same method to make other jewelry which fits the season.
Can't wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you. See you next time!


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