Valentine's Day Project - Heart Shaped Resin Stud Earrings

Summary: Nice to see you all again! Today We're going to make a pair of heart shaped earrings as the Valentine's Day is approaching. You can easily make them by following the tutorial. Let's get it started!

Valentine's Day Project - Heart Shaped Resin Stud Earrings

Materials and tools needed:

Heart Shaped Linking Rings: STAS-S105-T940-2

304 Stainless Steel Stud Earring Findings: STAS-PH0010-16M

Different Size of Round Pearl Beads: MRMJ-K001-29-09

Gold Foil Chip Nail Art Glitter Decoration: MRMJ-F003-05G

Hard UV Resin Glue: TOOL-L009-01

Epoxy Resin Pigment: AJEW-WH0109-15G / AJEW-WH0109-15A

Dried Flower

You can search the code and buy all materials on


Instructions on how to make this:

Step 1 :

Put a linking ring on the resin tape, fill the bottom of the ring with resin glue. Dried it adequately with LED UV lamp. Drop some purple pigment at the positon shown in the picture.

Step 2 :

Put some pearl beads of different size at the purple part. Drop some white pigment at the lower right corner of the heart. Put some gold foil chips scatteredly on it. Dried it adequately with LED UV lamp.

Step 3 :

Pour some resin glue on the surface, put a little dried flowers at the white part and add some gold foil chips if needed. Dried it with LED UV lamp.

Step 4 :

Paste the stud earring finding on the back of the heart, fix it with resin glue and dried it adequately.
This pair of heart shaped epoxy earrings is completed !
Isn't it interesting? Come and give it a try! You can use the same method to make other earrings and resin crafts that suit the Valentine's Day!
Can't wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you. See you next time!

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