PandaHall Selected Idea on Christmas Beaded Bracelet

Summary: Nice to see you . Do you want to make a lucky and colorful bracelet? Now we are showing the tutorial of how to make it with some simple materials. Let’s have a look!

PandaHall Selected Idea on Christmas Beaded Bracelet
Materials and tools needed:
Christmas color round beads set :ACRP-NB0001-02
Christmas pendant: ENAM-SC0001-03
You can search the code and buy all materials on
Instructions on how to make the bracelet:
Step 1: Prepare some beads representing Christmas colors, a pair of scissors, and some threads.
Step 2: Thread the beads into the thread according to different colors.
Step 3: Use scissors to cut off the excess thread and the bracelet is complete.
Now your bracelet is made. Is the operation very simple? Don’t hesitate to click the website to get the materials! See you next time.

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