PandaHall Idea on Pumpkin Drop Earrings

Summary: Nice to see you all again. Halloween is coming! Today We're going to make a pair of Halloween style earrings. You can easily make them by following the tutorial below. Let's get it started.

PandaHall Idea on Pumpkin Drop Earrings

Materials and tools needed:

Pumpkin Resin Pendants : X-RESI-T028-35

Halloween Alloy Enamel Pendants : ENAM-X0017-26

Brass Earring Hooks : KK-Q261-5

304 Stainless Steel Cable Chains : CHS-S006-JN943-3

Transparent Acrylic Beads : TACR-Q258-10mm-V24

304 Stainless Steel Jump Rings : STAS-R060-5x0.7

You can search the code and buy all materials on


Instructions on how to make this:

Step 1 :

Through an eye pin cross the acrylic bead. Use pliers to subtract the excess wire and wind the end of the wire into a circle shape with tweezers to keep the bead in place.

Step 2 :

Link the pumkin pendant to beads with chains and jump rings. Link the Halloween alloy enamel pendants to the chains with jump rings in the same way.

Step 3 :

Link all these components to the earring hooks with jump rings.

These lovely earrings are completed! Isn’t it interesting? Come and give it a try! You can use the same method to make other colorful earrings which fit Halloween! 

Can’t wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you. See you next time!


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