PandaHall Selected Idea on Evil Eye Winding Earrings

Summary: Nice to see you all again. Do you want to make a pair of evil eye winding earrings? Now we are showing the tutorial of how to make it with some simple materials. Let’s have a look!

PandaHall Selected Idea on Evil Eye Winding Earrings

Materials and tools needed:

Metal pendant: STAS-PH0018-27G
4mm pearl: HY-PH0002-04-B
Earring accessories: KK-BC0003-74G
T-shaped needle, open ring: DIY-SC0004-87
Demon Eye Accessories: LAMP-PH0002-05
0.3mm gold wire
0.8mm gold wire

You can search the code and buy all materials on

Instructions on how to make the earrings:

Step 1:

Use a thick copper wire to thread a devil’s eyeball, and then use a thin copper wire to wind the two ends of the thick copper wire.

Step 2:

Use pliers to cut off the excess copper wire, and then twist the wound copper wire into the desired shape as shown in the figure.

Step 3:

After winding, use pliers to cut the wires at both ends and wind out the two connecting ports.

Step 4:

Pierce the pearl into the eye pin.

Step 5:

Finally, connect all the parts as shown.

Now your earrings are made. Is the operation very simple? Don’t hesitate to click the website to get the materials! See you next time~

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