PandaHall Selected Idea on Square Shape Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings

Summary: Nice to see you all again. It’s summer time! Today I am going to make blue style earrings. You can easily make them by following the tutorial below. Let's get it started.

PandaHall Selected Idea on Square Shape Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings

Materials and tools needed:


Glass Pearl Round Beads:HY-PH0002-04-B
Earring Making Starter Kit:DIY-SC0004-87
Silver Coil Wire:CWIR-BC0001-0.3mm-S

You can search the code and buy all materials on


Instructions on how to make the earrings:

Step1: The wire passes through the upper right corner of the square earring assembly and secures the winding. Then, wind the whole square earring component according to certain rules. During the winding process, add an appropriate amount of pearl beads, and then fix the metal wire to the lower left corner of the square earring component to secure the winding.

Step2: Repeat this process until the entire square earring component is wrapped in wire and pearls. Next, run a wire through the drop pearl and save it for later use.

Step3: Cut the excess wire at the drop pearl junction and use the tool to bend the remaining wire into a circle.Finally, use pliers to connect all the square earring components, earring hooks and pendants.

Now your earrings are made. Is the operation very simple? Don’t hesitate to click the website to get the materials! See you next time~~

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