Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Delicate Earrings

Summary: Today we will learn how to make a delicate earrings with pearl beads and nylon thread. If you’re interested in this, prepare the materials and start with me now!

Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Delicate Earrings

Materials and tools needed:

2mm Rhinestone Cup Chains

7x5mm Glass Pearl Beads

4~5mm Glass Pearl Beads

22x13mm Earring Hooks

5~29x1~18mm Bead Caps

6mm Glass Pearl Beads

Blue Nylon Thread

Glass Pearl Beads

19x23mm Bead Caps

15×10mm crystal

Golden Beads

DIY Jewelry Pliers Sets

Head Pins

Glue Gun



Instructions on how to make this delicate earrings


Step 1: Make the basic unit

1st, Pass the blue gradient jade thread through the hole in the upper row of the lantern-shaped flower hat, bypass the vacancy below, and perform different numbers of windings according to the picture.

2nd, Use the same winding method to extend to the right, increasing the number of windings(as shown in the picture).

3rd, The blue gradient jade thread is completely covered on the surface of the lantern-shaped flower hat with a winding method(as shown in the picture).

Step 2: Finish the delicate earrings

1st,Slide 3 pearls onto the needle and use a tool to bend one end of the needle into a circle.Use the same method to make 5 pearl parts of the same shape.

2nd, Hang these 6 pearl parts on top of the lantern-shaped flower hat, showing a hexagonal shape(as shown in the picture).

3rd, String the mixed-color oval crystal on the needle, and string 8 pearls of different sizes on the needle in the order of the picture.

4th,Pass the needle through the lantern-shaped flower cap, bend the needle with a tool, and hang the ear hook.

Tips: this step requires some patience. Be careful not to hurt your hands.


Complete the delicate earrings


Do you get it how to make this delicate earrings now? The process of making this earrings is also simple for people who are less manual. If you are interested in handmade jewelry, you can learn from this website. Beebeecraft provides various jewelry making tutorials for you.


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