Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Strawberry Bracelet

Summary: Today we will learn how to make a strawberry bracelet with cord and chains. This bracelet is very cute. If you’re interested in this, prepare the materials and start with me now!

Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Strawberry Bracelet

Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Strawberry Bracelet

Materials and tools needed:

3x1.5mm Faux Suede Cord(40cm*3)

2x0.5mm Iron Rolo Chains(40cm*2)

26x21x3mm Strawberry Pendants

10x6mm Lobster Claw Clasps

Accessory set: 2 clips, 5 opening rings

Instructions on how to make the bracelet

Step 1: Making the main part of the bracelet

1st, Prepare 3 40cm leather ropes,2 40cm chains and a clip.

2nd, Separate the leather rope and chain in turn,and Install the leather cord and one end of the chain on the clip(as shown in the picture).

3rd, Fix the first and second leather ropes to the right, and fix the other ropes and chains to the left (as shown in the picture).

4th, Pass the second leather rope around the first leather rope and the first chain from above and fix it to the left(as shown in the picture).

Step 2: Finish the bracelet

1st, The second leather rope and the third chain go around the second leather rope from above and fix it to the right(as shown in the picture).

2nd, Follow the steps above to knit(as shown in the picture).

3th, Cut off the excess part of the leather rope and chain,and install the clip.

4nd, Use tool to attach strawberry pendants to the chain.It can be installed in different locations.

Tips: this step requires some patience. Be careful not to hurt your hands.

Finally, fasten the chain with lobster claw clasp.

Do you get it how to make this bracelet now? The process of making this bracelet is also simple for people who are less manual. If you are interested in handmade jewelry, you can learn from this website. Beebeecraft provides various jewelry making tutorials for you.

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