Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Maple Leaf Bracelet

Summary: Today we will learn how to make a maple leaf bracelet with alloy pendants. This bracelet is bright in color. If you’re interested in this, prepare the materials and start with me now!

Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Maple Leaf Bracelet

Materials and tools needed:

9x4mm orange crystal glass beads

9x8mm succinite

18x0.7mm golden stainless round head pins

alloy maple leaf pendants

11x0.7mm golden iron jump rings

1x6mm golden lobster claw clasps


flat nose plier

round nose plier

side-cutting plier


Instructions on how to make the bracelet

Step 1: Make the glass beads links

1st, use the gold ball head to thread crystal glass beads and succinites.

2nd, cut the extra pin, and bend the wire to a loop.

3rd, repeat the above step to make more glass beads links.


Step 2: Finish the bracelet

1st, use gold jump ring to connect maple leaf pendant with beads. You can freely choose different combinations according to your preference.

2nd, use flat nose plier to attach pendants to the chain. It can be installed in different locations.

Tips: this step requires some patience. Be careful not to hurt your hands.

Finally, fasten the chain with lobster claw clasp.


Do you get it how to make this bracelet now? The process of making this bracelet is also simple for people who are less manual. If you are interested in handmade jewelry, you can learn from this website. Beebeecraft provides various jewelry making tutorials for you.

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