Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Cute Key Chains

Summary: In this project, I will share you how to make cute and easy DIY key chains! It’s really friendly to green hands. Follow my steps and get your handmade key chains now!

Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Cute Key Chains

Materials and tools needed:

Mixed size colorful charms

4mm white round pearl beads

8mm white round pearl beads

15x10mm clear drop glass beads

40mm golden ball head pins

5mm golden jump rings

8mm golden jump rings

67x30mm key chain clasp

DIY jewelry pliers set

Instructions on how to make the key chain

Step 1: Prepare your bead loops

1st, use a head pin to thread a drop glass bead.

2nd, bend the pin with the help of your jewelry pliers.

3rd, cut the pin to make it as long as enough to make a small loop.

4th, make a loop with round nose pliers.


Step 2: Make the bead strands

1st, use the pin to thread the beads you want to use.

2nd, repeat the same steps to make bead loops.

3rd, find some jump rings and charms that you want to use.

4th, connect them together and make the bead strands.


Step 3: Add the jewelry findings to finish the key chain

1st, repeat the same step to make make the bead strands.

2nd, add the components with the big clasp. The project is finished.

Look! They are very cute dangle key chains! I use different charms to make two styles of key chains. Which one do you like better? Welcome to find more jewelry making supplies on Beebeecraft!

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