Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Golden Wire Wrapped Necklace

Summary: Do you like a handmade wire wrapped necklace? Today we are going to learn how to make a golden necklace with the guidance of Beebeecraft. Now we get started!

Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Golden Wire Wrapped Necklace

Materials and tools needed:

13x18mm pink gemstone cabochon

4mm white round pearl beads

1.5mm golden aluminum wire

0.3mm golden copper wire

5mm golden jump rings

3x2x0.6mm golden iron chain

12x6mm golden lobster clasp

DIY jewelry pliers set

Instructions on how to make the necklace:

Step 1: Make a wire setting

1st, take our your golden aluminum wire, and make a circle around the pink gemstone cabochon.

2nd, stretch the wire and make two small loops with the help of the round nose pliers.

3rd, bend the wires to form a big loop.

4th, use the copper wire to fix the wires. The wire setting is finished.

Step 2: Add the copper wire decoration to the setting

1st, use the copper wire to make loops around the aluminum wire.

2nd, repeat the same steps to add the second layer.

Step 3: Fix the gemstone cabochon

1st, when you finish the front pattern, you are supposed to add the gemstone cabochon into it.

2nd, thread across the back of the cabochon to make it stay in your wire setting.

3rd, cut the copper wire and hide the end.

4th, use the aluminum wire to thread the component, and then make a cross.

Step 4: Make the pearl wave pattern

1st, make big loops on both sides.

2nd, wrap the aluminum wire to make the wave pattern.

3rd, separately thread the pearl beads on the copper wire and wind the copper wire.

4th, repeat the same step to finish the other side.

Step 5: Add the jewelry findings to finish the necklace

1st, use the golden jump rings and connect it with a golden iron chain.

2nd, connect the golden lobster clasp and you will finish the necklace.

There are five steps to get the total look of the necklace. Do you like the necklace pattern? Welcome to find more jewelry making supplies on Beebeecraft and share with me your craft project!

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