Particular Theme Necklaces Designs- Mother and Daughter Necklaces

Summary: This tutorial is aiming at an easy wire wrapped birthstone necklaces designs that you can make up in about 10 minutes. It’s also a great type of special mother and daughter necklaces gifts.

All sorts of necklaces designs are endowed with their unique meaning and symbol, so do the mother and daughter necklaces. They may be regarded as the best gift to celebrate the special love between moms and daughters. If you’re just looking for some ingenious idea to design one individually, then you’re going to love this post.   

Stuffs for the necklaces designs:

Drop Transparent Acrylic Bead 

4mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Bead

Brass Spring Clasp

0.3mm Brass Wire

Brass Chain

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Guides for the mother and daughter necklaces:

Step1: work the wire wrapped pendant

1. Take a long segment of 0.3mm brass wire, approximate 50cm. Fold in half to find the middle location. Next, slide one of the 4mm bicone crystal bead to the center and then pass both ends through the focal drop acrylic bead;

2. Wrap the top of bead for an exquisite bail (For details about the technique, please head over to our post “how to cover a briolette” under category wire wrap technique). 

3. Take the remaining wire tails and string on the prepared 4mm crystal beads; 

4. For that section reaches to a certain length, wrap the beaded portion around the top of bead upwards.

5. Keep wrapping the leftover blank wire around the neck, when the beads are fastened tautly, remove the excess part as close as possible to the neck.

Step2: add on the chain and clasp

Snip a proper length off the chain coil. Thread the pendant on and then complement the circle by adding the clasp and one jumpring on two ends.

Then, this is one of the pair!

Step3: make another piece

Replace the birthstone and repeat all steps of the above for a complete pair of mother and daughter necklaces.

The gorgeous wire wrapped birthstone pendant is the only customized element in entire necklaces designs. Figure out which birthstones you and mom are belonging to, and practice the wonderful pattern for your unique mother and daughter necklaces.

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