Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make a Simple and Beautiful Mermaid Necklace

Summary: Do you want to have a necklace with mermaid pendant? Today Beebeecraft Tutorials will show you how to make mermaid necklace.

Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make a Simple and Beautiful Mermaid Necklace

Necklace is very common jewelry for people. Nice necklaces are charming and eye-catching and they make you like that. Generally, beautiful necklace always made by luxury and heavy beads, just like diamonds. However, Mermaid necklace is simple but beautiful, this is because the color and pattern of the mermaid pendant is special. Therefore, if you have a mermaid necklace, you also have the secret of beauty. For making mermaid necklace, there are very little materials required. There will need some jewelry pendants, nose pliers, jewelry chain, pearl beads and so on. It’s most important material is mermaid pendant for making mermaid necklace, and Beebeecraft will provide the materials. Not only the material requirements are not high, but the production steps are also very simple, and just needed two steps. Now let’s learn how to make the mermaid necklace.

Jewelry craft supplies for making mermaid necklace

Jewelry chain

6mm Glass Pearl Beads

4mm Crystal Glass Beads

Jewelry Tool Supplies

Open eye pins

Stain Pins

Instruction of making mermaid necklace:


Step1: Finished the basic jewelry patterns


1st,slide the 6mm glass pearl bead in to the open eye then make a loop

2nd,slide the thick blue crystal bead to the stain pin then make a loop.

3rd, connect the mermaid pattern to the pattern of pearl bead by making a loop to the latter;

Step2: Finished the mermaid necklace


1st,slide the jewelry chain to the pearl bead pattern and the finished crystal bead pattern;

2nd,attach the claw clasps to the one end of finished jewelry pattern,then attach the toggle clasp to the another end;

Finial mermaid necklace just looks like this:

Wow! How beautiful and cute necklace is and the steps are easy!Just follow the Beebeecraft Tutorials, so you also  could have a green hand.

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