Beebeecraft tutorials on How to Make Three Strings Pearl Beads Bracelet

Summary: Do you want to have a beautiful and graceful pearl bracelet? There is a easy and clear tutorial about how to make a three strings Pearl beads bracelet. Is your heart moving? let’s learn it.

Beebeecraft tutorials on How to Make Three Strings Pearl Beads Bracelet

Today’s project is making a pearl beads bracelet. Even if you don't have any relevant experience, it doesn't matter, and the article will teach you in detail. Now, let's learn by following the article.

Jewelry craft supplies needed in making a pearl beads bracelet:

 4mm Seed Beads

0.4mm Jewelry String

Claw Clasps

Magnetic Clasps

Tibetan Style Pendants

Jewelry Tools Supplies

Jump Rings

How to make the pearl beads bracelet with three strings:

Step1:make the basic pattern

1st,slide a claps in a string ,and then slide some suitable seed beads in the string,slide a claps in the end of the string ;

2rd,complete the other two in the same way.

Step2,finish the bracelet

1st,connect three strings together by jump ring and link a magnetic claps in one side of the strings;

2rd,connect three strings together by a jump ,and add two jump rings  orderly,attach a pendant in the end of the side lastly.

The finial look of the pearl beaded bracelet with three strings:

Wow! How delicate and elegant bracelet are finished! Don’t you want to have a try? No need any professional beading or wire wrapping skills,  just follow this Beebeecraft tutorial, even you are a green hand, you can make a pair at home.


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