Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make Beaded Dangling Hoop Earrings

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial of handmade dangling hoop earrings suit all jewelry making lovers including those green hands. With easy jewelry craft materials, you can also make this pair of hoop earrings

Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make Beaded Dangling Hoop Earrings

This colored hoop earrings is fashionable, which will definitely delight your dress. The materials and handmade steps are simple. Do not sit at home idly! Join us to make a pair of beaded hoop earrings by yourselves!

Materials needed in making Beaded hoop earrings:

8mm round Natural White Jade Beads Strands

DarkTurquoise Chips Turquoise Beads Strands

6mm LightSkyBlue jade beads strands

6x4mm Faceted Rondelle Glass Beads Strands

19mm Golden Brass Earring Hooks Ear Wire

Mixed size golden Jump Rings

35x0.7mm Golden Iron Head pins

Jewelry making tools pliers



Instructions on how to make the beaded dangling earrings.

Step 1: Make basic hoop earrings with beads

1st, prepare enough headpins, 8mm round jade beads, chip gemstone beads and 4mm rondelle beads, thread them to the eyepins and make a loop at the other end;

2nd, combine the dangle beads together to make several beaded patterns;

3rd, add the bead pattern to the earring hook.


Step 2: Add more patterns and finish the beads hoop earrings

1st, Continue to add the beaded pattern to the hoop with jump rings and pliers;

Attach an earring hook to the hoop earring, and repeat to make the other one earring.


The final look of the beaded dangling earrings:


Wow! I finished this pair of beads hoop earrings within a short time. I believe this pair is quite elegant and all-matching. Come on and get this pair of colorflu beaded hoop earrings for yourself!

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