How to make beaded jewelry with common household stuff

Summary: Learn make beaded jewelry easily with some abandoned or idle stuffs; here I have posted a unique guide to making a piece of delicate Christmas tree charm with household safety pins and Abacus Glass Beads.

How to make beaded jewelry; no matter statement necklace, dazzling bracelet and earrings or even other costume jewelry ornaments can help get your jewelry making experience into another new higher level. Knowing making beaded jewelry not only means an item consisted of variety beads and findings, it also needs one to devote mass spirit and creativity to it, such as this Christmas tree charm out of Pin Backs. Wanna to know how I produce it? 

Above all, gather together what you may need for making beaded jewelry:

6mm Abacus Glass bead

4mm Square Glass bead

8mm Bicone Glass bead

18mm pearl bead

Pin Backs


Cord Loop

Tiger tail

Side cutting 

Wire-cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to make beaded jewelry?

Step1: create the top-half portion of Christmas tree charm

Open the Pin Backs and thread three 6mm Abacus Glass beads onto the pin, both green and red ones can be all right. 5~6 groups are enough!

Next, find the tops of Pin Backs and circle them closely with a section tiger tail wire.

Step2: embellish the bottom

While combine the bottom portion of Pin Backs, remember to supply one 8mm Green Bicone Glass bead between each two of them. Once finish, you will see the tree top.

Step3: make bottom-half portion of Christmas tree charm

The detailed processes can similarly refer to the above. 

Step4: make the trunk of Christmas tree charm

String one 4mm Square Glass bead, one 6mm Abacus Glass bead (Orange) and one 18mm pearl bead on the pin, them pass the pin through whole tree body. 

Next, attach another 8mm Bicone Glass bead (Orange) on the top for lucky star. 

Finally, loop the excess pin part and hang on the cord loop, so far you have done your Christmas tree charm!

Tips: in the last step, the 18mm pearl bead is mainly used for keeping the whole Christmas tree charm in its shape, and it can be replaced by other beads. Have you got it? For more stunning guides on making beaded jewelry, welcome to our pandahall! Furthermore, the necessary materials can be also provided here as well.

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